This is my about page and why I started long-range rifle scopes.net my name is Mike. I live in a small town in southern West Virginia. On the border of the longer Monongahela National Forrest .t. And being an avid hunter I’ve always found it relaxing and a break from the normal every day grind of being able to enjoy a day out in the wilderness and hunting . Having thousands of acres available to hunt on that are within walking distance of my home. Has been nothing less than a blessing to me and if I had my own way I would hunt every single day.
After years of hunting for mainly white tailed deer and then going through the normal progressions one takes from say gun hunting for deer and then progressing to bow hunting. All of these became quite mundane and somewhat boring to me and in needing a new challenge,so I started to hunt from long range. Now when I say long-range I mean 300 to 400 and even up to 500 yards away. What this has done is reignited my passion not just for hunting but for shooting sports in general.

I started long-range rifle scopes.net only because it was the off-season and I had nothing left to do and since we do get quite a bit of snow here in the middle of West Virginia. There is not a lot of things to do during the winter months. When I myself was looking for a new scope for my gun which my current choice of weapons is my 300 Winchester mag. I started off looking at the local sporting goods store/hardware store. Which they didn’t have much of a variety to choose from. Other than the usual four power scope. Unable to find what I was truly looking for I didn’t turn to the Internet. And as there are many online sites you can buy scopes from.
What I did do, is go to Amazon and search through hundreds of different scopes. Where I did make my final decision on the actual scope that I bought. Is by reading the reviews from the people who purchased them. I don’t see how you can get a better more accurate description of something that you don’t have in your hand. Finding out what people thought about the scopes that they bought and having field tested them. Gave me a better understanding and the confidence to purchase a new scope.


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