Best Affordable Spotting Scopes

For activities like hunting, range day, verifying marksman’s shot, surveillance and bird watching; you need something that will give you a better view as compared to a pair of binoculars. The spotting scope is what I am talking about here, a clear spot and high resolution is what we want, right? And that is exactly what the spotting scope delivers. In this article, we are going to look at the top four best affordable spotting scope, but before that let’s have a briefing of what to look for in a spotting scope.

Best Affordable Spotting Scopes
  • How do I Know the Best Spotting Scope for Me?Okay, there are different brands of spotting scopes each with a different design and capability. Not to consider how much you are willing to spend on a single optic device, the following are the most important features to look for in a scope:
  • Objective lens-A good spotting scope is characterized by a high-quality, objective lens which is constructed from high-quality performance glass. When buying a spotting scope, always go for lens quality for clarity purposes. Have in mind that scopes with larger objective lenses will always produce a better image at higher magnification as compared to scopes with smaller objective lenses.
  • Body style-When it comes to body style, scopes will either have a straight body or an angled body. An angled body style is best for viewing across a flat ground or when the target is straight up. The straight body style is finest for viewing from a higher or elevated position.
  • Magnification-Magnification is also a crucial aspect of the spotting scope. Always make sure that the magnification of the scope produces a clear view even at maximum magnification.
  • Eye relief-This is the distance that the viewer’s eye can be from eyepiece without losing any part of the field of view. People who wear glasses should never miss to double check this is feature.

1. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 20-60x 80mm (45 degrees) Spotting Scope

As the name says, this spotting scope is a legend when it comes to long range spotting. It has combined the precision optics with stunning features such as the powerful zoom magnification and exceptional image clarity. With this scope you don’t have to worry about the weather or shock, it has been wrapped with a 100% waterproof rubber-armored housing.Looking through the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD lights up your landscape giving you a crystal clear view of the whole thing. Not to mention the long eye relief that this spotting scope offers, it has been engineered with an ergonomic and packed design that makes the scope feel brilliant and durable. The Bushnell legend Ultra HD features an ED prime extra-low dispersion glass which is responsible for color-tuned and high-resolution viewing.Features

Best Affordable Spotting Scopes


• 100% waterproof and fog proof

• Dual focus control (2-speed)

• Long eye relief

• Multicoated optics

• 80millimeter objective lens

• 20-60x magnification power

• Features an ED prime extra-low dispersion glass

• Bak-4 prisms


• Easy to use

• Bright and clear spots

• Delivers an ultra-clear view

• Durable

• Soft case included


• Needs a good tripod stand

2. BARSKA 20-60x60 Zoom Colorado

Here is another great scope that whose features exceeds expectations, the Barska 20-60x60 Zoom Colorado. To begin with, the Barska is a multi-coated optics with great features and capability. A green finishing polishes its elegant design that makes it impressive sitting on that pan-head tripod that it comes with.Clarity and fine details are the main agendas here, with the Barska, you get to enjoy a clear view of the whole thing without any blurredness. Also, the Barska uses a 20x magnification by default, but you still have the zoom higher magnification up to 60x.Apart from the Barska being a multi-coated optics, it boasts of a rugged weather resistance housing which enables you to have a clear view of the landscape without minding the weather. To add on that, the Barska Colorado spotting scope a relatively long eye relief which makes your spotting easier and more comfortable. These are the features that make this spotting scope best for hunting and naturalist activities like bird watching.

BARSKA 20-60x60 Zoom Colorado


• Elegant design

• Good eye relief

• Flip-down lens protector

• Straight construction

• Fully coated optics

• Waterproof/fog proof

• 20-60x ,magnification

• BK-7 Porro prisms

• Wide field of view


• Included tripod

• Durable construction


• Its straight construction will make you lean more or keep adjusting.

3. Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom

Celestron is now unleashing to us the beauty of optics. This economical and all inclusive scope gives you a brilliant close-up of nature without sacrificing magnification or clarity.

Durability and toughness of the Ultima 80mm are guaranteed by the rubber-armored housing and compact design giving you peace of mind even when you are transporting it. Not to mention how impressive it looks sitting on that 63in tripod, Ultima 80mm features an angled eyepiece which maximizes comfort when viewing, you don’t have to keep leaning or adjusting every time, a simple tilt will is all you need.

Celestron did not forget to punish harsh weather conditions that threaten to interfere with your spotting; they made the Ultima 80mm to be waterproof and poor weather resistance to make sure it survives in all weather conditions as you take your watch.

Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom

Features and specs

• 80millimeter objective lens

• 20-60x magnification

• Great eye relief (18mm at 20x)

• Features a sight tube (for quick spotting)

• Multicoated optics

• Features a smooth focus knob

• Waterproof


• Comes with a lifetime warranty

• Carrying case included

• Brilliant design

• Camera adaptable


• Celestron tried their best; I did not find anything to shout about on the Ultima 80mm.

4. Redfield 20-60x 60mm Spotting scope

The Redfield 20-60x 60mm is the one to conclude our list on the best affordable spotting scope. For straight construction lovers, another undoubted spotting scope has come your way.

This compact and travel-friendly scope has been constructed with high precision mechanics and variable power optical system to ensure all your optic needs are covered.

It features a compact polycarbonate body that makes it light-weight and ideal for outdoor activities. Simplicity and elegance were the first features I noticed when I saw this scope. Mounting it on the standard tripod adopter was a piece of cake, I did it in less than a minute.

Redfield emphasizes on image quality, giving you a clear vision of the landscape regardless of the weather.

Features and specs

• Compact polycarbonate body

• Waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof

• BAK-4prism

• Multicoated lenses

• Twisted eye-cap

• 20-60x magnification

• 17-14 eye relief


• Includes a tripod tabletop

• Includes lens covers

• Comes with a view-thru soft case


If you are looking for a friendly and excellent top-notch telescope, the Redfield 20-60x 60mm Spotting scope is what you are missing.

Final Verdict

We have discussed the best affordable spotting scope that you can purchase today. If optics is your thing, then a spotting scope is something you should not miss, grab one of them and unleash the potential of your sport.

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