Best AR10 Scope Top 3 for 2017

Best AR10 Scope.Anyone who has an AR10 carbine is a shooter of great taste and love interesting shooting experience. AR10 is the ancestor of the AR15 that is popular to most people today. AR 10 was also the first rifle to be marketed by Fairchild division, the ArmaLite. Despite the AR10 having s been designed as a full power battle rifle it did not do well on the market until lately. Since this rifle has started covering its grounds on the market, the AR scopes have become a hot cake with everyone trying to figure out which is the best AR 10 scope. Most .308 are usually bolt action; however, the fact that AR10 is semi-automatic it is on the higher end where even the cheap one has a price tag. To exploit the full potential of this beast, you need to complement it with the best AR10 scope available.

Best AR10 Scope

Range: AR 10 can reach objects located 1000 plus yards; therefore, you will need scopes that will allow you to see your targets clearly. To exploit the full potential of this wonderful beast, you need to complement it with accessories of its class.

Durability: When buying a premium product it is worth ensuring that it is durable. High-quality optic scopes have properties such as waterproof, fog proof and shockproof among others that help the optic last longer. An excellent AR scope should perform as usually even in worst conditions

Since the .308 round is larger the AR 10, unlike its younger counterpart the AR15, can bring down bigger targets located longer distances. The .308 Winchester cartridge is the unique feature that is interesting many individuals. The 20 round mag of the .308 is changeable in seconds allowing you to take an accurate shot no matter how elusive the game is from a distance of over 500 yards.

Optics: Before you buy a scope of your rifle, it is crucial that you evaluate the features of optics. You should check things like brightness, reticle size and also the shape since everyone has his or her preference.

Price: Scopes are available wide range of prices from a few dollars to several thousand. Ensure that the price you buy your scope is worth it. While price is not the major determining factors it good to avoid the overpriced and underpriced products since there is always a catch behind them.

The Best  AR10 Scope

Although the three scopes this list are competing to the list we have ranked them according to our recommendations in reverse order to help you understand them better.


3.Trijicon VCOG 1-6x24 Ballistic Reticle

The VCOG is a magical scope made from a forged 7075 aluminum and customized with an integral design to fit revolutionary rifles such as AR. The twin-screw system featured on the integral base makes it easy to fix and remove the VCOG on the rifle’s Picatinny rail section. Mounting the optic on the rifle’s is easy and robust. Its turrets are capped and attached to the body of the scope with wires to prevent them from getting lost. VCOG is powered by an AA battery that is housed just underneath the objective lenses.

The scope has an adjustable magnification option which is facilitated by the fluted rotating ocular housing offering you a comfortable grip. The fin that runs the entire length offers additional leverage when making abrupt magnification adjustments. The fin also indicates the tactile and the visual at which the scope is set. VCOG also offers a convenient 4-inch eye relief that gives you enough space to play with when shooting targets underneath and around.

Overall, the optic is well crafted and polished to offer the best experience. Basing on fine details such as the packaging, the finish protecting metal, the heavy rubber gasket in the battery compartment and the height of the included mount it is no doubt that the optic has been made with a lot experience aiming at providing the best quality.


2.UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings

This scope is designed using the latest technology to incorporate news features that will take shooting experience to the next level. The UGT 30mm is designed to cater for diverse shooting needs such as big game hunting, tactical hunting as well as predator hunting. This scope is perfect for anyone looking for a rifle scope for long range shooting.

Best AR10 Scope

The UTG has zero resetting and locking target turrets features which allow the shooter adjust fast and shoot at a target with accuracy. It also has a side wheel adjustable Turret (SWAT) which offers a parallax versatility of more than 10 yards. It has an IE Reticle with a multicolor mode and personalized illumination that uses a 36 color spectrum which makes it great for use in various lighting conditions and environments.

The UTG IE Scope has optics with multicolored lenses and integrated sunshades as well. The sunshades help to lower glare and also come with a high-tech flip to open lens caps. The SWAT 3 also incorporates a special housing and circuit designed to offer uninterrupted illumination. The mechanisms are expertly designed to maintain illumination even in the event of heavy recoil.

All the above high-tech features of the UTG 30 mm makes it a perfect scope for the AR 10.


1.Nikon M308 4-16x42 Riflescope

Nikon M308 is one of the new products to be introduced to the Nikon Rifle Scope line lately. It has topped our list due to its outstanding features and compatibility with the AR rifles.

The M-308 comes in either holdover or dial configuration. The dial version incorporates NikoPlex reticle which is used in line with Niko’s Rapid Action Turrets to enhance custom calibrated .308 elevation dials. It is easy to use since you only have to figure out the distance to the target, rotate the elevation turret to match with the distance the after centering the crosshair of the target, pull the trigger.

In the handover version on the other, each handover mark indicates a certain distance. All you have to do is placing the handover mark that matches the target distance, then fire.

The M-308 also has tactical style turrets that are easily adjustable with a finger and can also be easily reset to zero by just pulling up the turret knob the rotate the dial back to zero. The M-308 also uses a side focus parallax adjustment knob to correct parallax. The high tech features that facilitate accuracy and convinces are no doubt that M-308 is the best scope for AR 10

Choosing an excellent scope can prove to be difficult, but the M-308 mentioned here have been proven to offer unquestionable experience.

We give a 5 out of 5 stars

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