Best Mil Dot Scopes for the Money

Mil Dot Scopes

Ever wonder what is the Best Mil Dot Scopes for the Money.Want to own one of the best and popular reticle available in the market? Want to calculate the bullet drop on the fly? Just be relaxed, in order to help you out here is the list of best mil dot scopes available in the market.

Basically, Mil Dot reticles are one of the admired reticle in the market and you can easily find the distance and bullet drop trajectory, with the training and understanding of mil dot reticles and their working.

mil dot

The term “Mil” refers to “milliradian” which signifies 1/1000th of the radius of circle. Scopes with mil dot reticle are popular for their design versatility. In many cases, optics may vary from weapon to weapon and in such a situation the user need to re zero the weapon.

Many may have expectations regarding your mil dot like high-quality designs, fingertip adjustable turrets, multi-coated lens and improvised magnification. But, you may be confused in choosing the ideal mil dot scopes available in the market. Now, let’s see the solution to all your issues.

What to Consider before Buying A  Mil Dot Scope

Initially, you need to know what you are looking for in this exceptional product without fixing your budget. You need to decide the model and it features before looking for a product. Here is the list of things to see before buying your reticle.

Price- The first and foremost factor to consider before buying this mil dot reticle is its budget and also you need to ensure about the friendliness of the rifle sight. It’s obvious that, many people go for the reasonable priced product but be cautious since you may choose cheaper product with sub-standard features in some cases.

Durability- Another factor is its durability. You may encounter so many different conditions in the field. But, the best mil dot should offer you with long-lasting performance and resilience.

Performance- A good mil dot reticle should offer better performance and compatibility with your weapon and accessories like holographic sight just to ensure optimal results. Mil dot reticles performance is mainly based on its design and construction and also based on the latest technology it incorporates in it.

Ease of Use- The perfect mil dot reticle should ensure ease of operation and user-friendly features especially on the adjustment of the rifle position to reach the destination with guaranteed precision.

Top 3 Best Mil Dot Scopes

Now, let’s see about the top 3 ideal mil dot scopes available in the market. By this, you can possibly choose the best product without any confusion.

3- Nikon ProStaff Mil Dot Riflescope

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Nikon’s ProStaff 4 Mil Dot Rifle scope offers you with superb optics and spring-loaded zero-reset turrets with optimum magnification. It employs built-in aiming points and multi-coated optics just to offer you with excellent light transmission. It also comprises of instant focus eyepiece just to focus the target with accuracy.

It also upholds easier elevation adjustments and thereby makes it ideal and it is extremely easy to operate. This rifle scope provides you with top-notch flexibility and durability with the help of it high-quality materials. It’s completely fog and water resistant in nature because of its sealed O-ring and nitrogen filled body.

Ultimately, its mid-range price attracts numerous mil dot reticle users and also its integrated innovative technology is also worth. Thus, it’s a great and worthy product at an reasonable price.

2- Bushnell Tactical 10X40 Rifle Scope, Mil-Dot

Best Mil Dot Scopes

The Bushnell Tactical Riflescope offers you with reliable and optical precision that you may look for. Its mil dot aiming reticle and target turrets helps you in lining up your shot quickly and precisely. It also possess ultra wide band coating and that improvises the light transmission rate and boost brightness both at dusk and dawn.

It’s fully multi-coated optics offers you with clear and crisp views. Additionally, Bushnell Riflescope’s Rainguard HD coating keeps your lens surface clear in all conditions. Ultimately, the mil dot reticle features a one-inch tube and is argon purged just for offering you long-term reliability and flexibility.

It has the ability to reach your target quickly and efficiently at an affordable price. It will definitely maximize the value for your investment and will fetch you with the enhanced shooting experience. You can preferably alter the power option in mil dot reticle as per your convenience.

Overall, it’s a bright, clear and an ideal rifle scope that suits for all hunting rifle at an affordable price that doesn’t break your bank.

1- UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope, AO, 36-color Mil-dot, Rings

best mil dot scopes

UTG Compact Mil Dot Scope is one of the best riflescope available in the market. It’s capable of zooming around 3-9x on all the directions and that’s ideal for hunting scopes. It’s actually a true strength platform with the durable design. It is completely sealed with nitrogen filled body just to offer you with maximum reliability in terms of shock, fog and rain proof capability.

It offers you with 36-color feature with perfect zero-locking and resetting target turrets. Actually, the true strength platform is an innovative technology employed for the signature construction of this riflescope. Its design includes spherical structure just to ensure you with responsive elevation and windage adjustment.

This model is a 30mm tube with the flip-open caps just to add security feature of the multi-emerald coated lens. Finally, it’s the most affordable product available in the market. Its fame is not only because of its price, it is also due to its features and performance boost that it offers. Thus, the above quality of the rifle sight makes it a perfect option for your arsenal collection upgrade.


True Strength Platform

Side Wheel adjustable turret

Parallax free view ranging from 10 yards to infinity

EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing Technology

Range Estimating Capability

Overall, it’s an ideal product and it’s definitely a value for the money you spent.


Mil Dot Scopes are basically one of the most popular and versatile optics on the planet. You can expect variety of options and roles in affordable price. It’s really easy to operate if you are trained and know certain information about the working of the reticle.

In the market, so many rifles copes are available and so it’s mandatory to choose the best product to enjoy its ultimate features and capability. If you are confused about the ways to choose the ideal mil dot scopes, you can refer to this article. This article comprises of top 3 ideal mil dot scopes available in the market just to help you out.

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