UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster Scope Review

The UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster Scope is a very compact rifle scope, which comes packed with a number of remarkably useful features and specifications. To begin with, it has a 32mm objective lens whose variable magnification range (x3 to x9) can be excellent for virtually any shooting application. It is very important to note that this given objective lens is sufficiently large to easily facilitate for exceptional light transmission in shooting operations. This product as well comes with 2 different turrets for adjusting windage as well as elevation. At the same time, there is a mock’ turret for its illuminated mil-dot reticle. Also, this rifle scope integrates an extremely rugged and durable construction. In a nutshell, it is water resistant, fog resistant and even shock resistant. Not to mention that its interior has been filled with nitrogen, which completely does away with the rampant risk of fog accumulating within it. Well then, let us now take a much closer look at some of the most prominent features of this scope.

UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster Scope
  • True strength platform-The UTG 3-9X32 1  BugBuster Scope integrates the famous True strength platform design. For those who may perhaps not be in the know, this is a highly innovative construction blueprint for rifle scopes. A major component of the True strength platform is a shortened spherical structure that can efficiently regulate the interactions between the inner and outer tubes of this product. At a glimpse, this particular design can be able to present exceptional and durable dependability, when it comes to making precise elevation adjustments.
  • Parallax free view-This product can be able to furnish you with an invaluable parallax free view of your given targets from a distance of 3 yards to infinity. A state of affairs that is facilitated for by its wide angle front objective lens. At this juncture, it is noteworthy to state that this feature is extremely rare in the rifle optics industry. This definitely means that there are numerous higher priced solutions, which cannot offer this feature.
  • RGB side wheel illuminations-The UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster Scope is highly acclaimed for providing a grand total of 36 different colors in its distinctive multi-color’ mode. This naturally can let you effectively utilize this rifle scope in a variety of lighting along with weather circumstances. This particular feature makes use of the highly noted EZ TAP Illumination system. A system that can be able to grant you convenient and effortless access to color change for this product’s illuminated reticle.
  • Range estimation mil-dot reticle-This rifle scope comes with a mil-dot reticle, which offers the capability to greatly improve your shooting and overall performance. In essence, there are 4 dots in either directions of this mil-dot reticle’s crosshair. This can be able to offer up to 9 different aiming points to make efficient and accurate windage as well as elevation adjustment.


This product comes with a highly efficient illuminated reticle that can be ideal for target acquisitions of dark targets..

This riflescope features knobs for adjusting both windage and elevation. While at the same time, facilitating for spot on zeroing in on targets..

The UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster Scope incorporates a high quality aluminum main body construction.. It comes with a set of flip up’ lens caps to protect its optics.. This riflescope has multi-coated optics that offer crystal clear along with bright light transmission..

The whole package can include an optional sunshade, which can come in very handy in significantly reducing glare..

This product offers great value for money.


The detent clicks of this rifle scope tend to be a bit shallow. This signifies that at times it can very easy to miss them when you are wearing gloves.

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